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Students Won First Prize in National Competition


This network news was hosted by correspondent Yu Yalan on November 18th. The Third National Engineering Cost Skills and Innovation Competition was held in Xihua University, Chengdu. The representatives of Zhu Liang wen, Ceng Yusi and Yu Yalan from the College of logistics and Engineering Management, won the ninth place of the Manual Calculation of Building Hydropower Installation. This school’s representatives also won the first class prize in China and went on to win the third class prize. The tutor is Ni Yanling and Huang Ge.

The contest was held by the Ministry of housing professional education and is referred to the education project management committee and the National Higher Vocational committee. The undergraduate group was cosponsored by Polytron Technologies Inc. in Shenzhen. The competition is divided into 3 parts of 5 competitions; it includes both manual calculation and software operation, which involves civil engineering and decoration, as well as hydropower installation. Meanwhile, the innovative thinking contest was adopted as the Comprehensive Training of students thinking, including hands-on practice ability. The 126 teams, of which 378 members gathered in the gymnasium of Xihua University, launched five tug of war battles. This decided the final ranking.