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Students from SIE learn Xi Jinping's reply letter to international students of Peking University


On June 21st, General Secretary Xi Jinping wrote a reply letter to the foreign students of Peking University to encourage them to understand the modern China and to introduce ideas and experiences to more people, so as to play an active role in promoting the common aspiration of all peoples. In order to further study the spirit of reply letter, on June 29th, the School of International Education of Hubei University of Economics organized the activity of students' voluntary participation in learning Xi Jinping's reply letter to international students of Peking University.


At the beginning of the activity, Ping Yi, head teacher from the School of International Education, introduced the national conditions of China under the leadership of the CPC and the economic development of China. Then, another head teacher of the school, Xiao Jiahui described China's efforts in poverty eradication and its fight against COVID-19. Last, each participating international student shared their opinions through their own eyes on China’s development.


I want to introduce China's efforts in poverty alleviation to the world, which is really a miracle, said Maka, a foreign student from Malawi. I especially want to introduce China's practice to my country, hoping that more people can get out of poverty.


“China's economic achievements have the greatest impact on international students from Africa”, said Song Bei, an international student from Cameroon, “China's economy has developed so fast that it can provide development experience for more countries.


I think China's government has the best control over COVID-19, said Malawi's student Jia Nan. And it also provides vaccines to other countries free of charge, which is a great help to others. You're right. I've also had free vaccines in China. I think the CPC has done a lot for the Chinese people and the people of the world, said Shao Na from Cameroon.

Through this activity, the international students not only know the history of China, but also understand the contribution of the CPC to the progress of the Chinese people and the people of the world, and the activity has encouraged them to play a role in spreading the positive energy of China.