President of Florida Institute of Technology visited HBUE


On the 26th of March 2019, Dr. T. Dwayne McCay, president of the Florida Institute of Technology, and Monica H. Baloga, vice president, led a five-people delegation and visited our school.Vice-President Lu Xiaocheng welcomed the guests and two sides then held exchanges and discussions on the joint academic programs at the postgraduate level. Heads of International Exchange & Cooperation Department and School of Information Engineering attended the meeting.


Dr. McCay and his delegation also met and interacted with faculty and student representatives of the School of Information Engineering on the theme of Operational Management and Scientific Research Development of American University of Science.


Florida Institute of Technology is a research university in Florida, USA. Founded in 1958 by a team of NASA experts, the Florida Institute of Technology is renowned for its research atmosphere of science and engineering. It is well-known for aerospace science, engineering science, science, psychology and business science. It is a well-known research center in the fields of outer space science, energy power, electrical engineering, aircraft, rocket and satellite. It offers 24 majors, with more than 180 degree programs, including doctoral degrees.