Academic Exchange Held Between Two Schools

On August 27, the school carried out academic exchange with Institute for Advanced Studies in Finance and Economics. Two scholars from the school, Dr. Liu Qixiang and Dr. Li Fangjing, and two scholars from the institute, Dr. Liu Feng and Dr. Liu Tangyong, reported their papers respectively, On Collective Culture and Cooperative Behavior, On Entrepreneurial Human Capital and Corporate Growth, Economic Policy Uncertainty, Dynamic Jumps, and Oil Price Volatility: Evidence from EGARCH-MIDAS-ARJI Model and On the Dynamic Relationship Between Housing Price Volatility and the Macro Economy. Two scholars from the institute, Dr. Qi Hang and Dr. Wu Yaoyao and two scholars from the school, Dr. Li Liangliang and Dr. Yin Kang, made comments on the four papers respectively.

Vice dean of the school, Dr. Liu Qixiang, presided the meeting, vice dean of the school, Dr. Tao Zhensheng, vice deans of the institute Dr. Pan Na and Dr. Qi Hang participated the activity. Participants also included more than 30 teachers from the two schools. Issues in energy finance, macro economy, industry micro economy and so on are analyzed in the papers. Participants carried out heated and thorough discussions on the probable flaws in the papers and offered suggestions for their improvement and possible directions for future research. The meeting is a step taken to put into reality the university’s strategy of strengthening the university through talents and is helpful to promote the growth of young scholars and the academic exchange between schools.