School Heads Visit POCIB Teams

On the morning of April 22, accompanied by the school’s deputy party secretary Zhong Yanshu, the school’s vice dean Ma Yuxia and vice dean of Law & Business College, the school party secretary Nie Chunitian and the dean of Law & Business College Wang Hong visited the tutors and participants of POCIB(Practice for Operational Competence in International Business) in Building One of the Experimental Teaching Center.

At the site, heads of the school exchanged views with the Tutor, Zhouxiang, got a detailed picture on the progress and talked with the participating students about how they felt about the contest. The heads spoke highly of their efforts and encouraged the participants to coordinate well and tap the full potential of teamwork so as to achieve the best results. The dean of Law & Business College, Wang Hong, praised the participants for their perseverance and hard work and expressed her hope that the participants will treat the contest as an opportunity to test, improve and advance practical skills so as to turn themselves into high-caliber, innovative talents, thus achieving the goal of promoting teaching and learning through contests. School party secretary Nie Chuntian expressed his gratitude to the tutor’s hard work and congratulations on the outstanding awards obtained. He pointed out that POCIB is a window to showcase the school’s teaching standard. He also hoped that the participants can put teaching, training, practicing and contesting into full play and encouraged them to exert their utmost efforts and maintain good mindset so as to attain more awards and contribute symbolic results to Hubei University of Economics.

Sponsored by China Association of International Trade, POCIB has been held for ten times. Under the leadership of school heads and tutorship of the tutors, teams from the school have won the national special awards several times. Encouraged by the visit, participants expressed their desire to exert their fullest efforts to achieve satisfactory results.