The School of Maxism held a working meeting for the new semester

Correspondent Wang Li

In the afternoon of August 31st, the School of Marxism held a working meeting for the new semester in conference room,No 212, Humanity and Art Building. Liu Wei, secretary of the General Party Branch, presided over the meeting.

Ding Yinhe, vice President of the school, conveyed the relevant spirit of the school's teaching conference in the new semester and the relevant requirements of the recent supervision and inspection. Vice President Tu Airong summarized the progress of summer scientific research project application and arranged the scientific research work in the new semester.

Secretary Liu Wei conveyed the notice of the department of education on the implementation of education inspection of institutions of higher learning, requiring all branch secretaries to attach great importance to the implementation. She also reported the progress of all the work during the summer vacation and the preparation of the work before the beginning of the semester, Hoping that all of staff make solid preparations to ensure the work of the beginning of the semester smoothly and orderly.

At last, Comerade Liu Wei put forward four requirements for all teachers: first, all teachers should further improve ideological awareness and political standpoints, and unifying their thoughts into the spirit of the national publicity work conference and the basic requirements for teaching ideological and political theory courses in colleges and universities in the new era. Second, taking the scientific research construction as the leader, condensing the discipline development direction, strengthening the discipline construction. Third, improving the quality of ideological and political courses, strengthening teaching exercises and mutual lectures, and making each ideological and political class into a high-quality class. Fourth, all teachers should strengthen scientific research, engaging the hard work, making the progress, improving the level of scientific research.