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Over the past five years, more than 300 new products of Chu cuisine have been developed, and this team won the title of "National Worker Pioneer"


    The 26-year old Hubei Chu Cuisine Research Institute of Hubei University of Economics (formerly Hubei Cuisine Cooking Research Institute, hereinafter referred to as Chu cuisine Research Institute) was awarded the 2022 National Workers' Pioneer Award by the All-China Federation of Trade Unions (ACFTU) on Wednesday.

    Professor Zou Zhiping (second from left), master of Chinese cuisine and president of Hubei Chu Cuisine Research Institute, teaches the production process of Chu cuisine the return of the Yellow Crane to students. Photo by Gao Yong, reporter of Changjiang Daily.

    Thousand year history of Chu cuisine, contains half of various dishes in the south of the Yangtze River. With a history of 2800 years, Chu cuisine,  is an important branch of Chinese cuisine. Hubei Chu cuisine Research Institute, founded in 1996, has long been deeply cultivated in the field of Chu cuisine and is committed to promoting the inheritance of Chu cuisine culture and the development of Chu cuisine industry.

    Chu cuisine Research Institute has made remarkable achievements in research, development and promotion of Chu cuisine and the mining and dissemination of Chu cuisine culture. According to the official statistics, in the past five years, the teachers and students of the Institute have developed more than 300 courses of Chu cuisine, presided over and completed two research topics of the provincial people's Congress, four special research reports of Chu cuisine have been approved by provincial and ministerial leaders, compiled and published more than 20 works on Chu cuisine, of which the Chinese Chu cuisine ceremony won the first prize of the Chinese food science and Technology Progress Award of China Cuisine Association in 2020; Chinese lotus root cuisine was collected by embassies of 28 countries and won the fourth Hubei publishing government award.

                              Li Xiawei, a teacher at hubei Chu Cuisine Research Institute, makes innovative Chu dishes

    “At present, there are more than 500 students majoring in cooking in school.” The cultivation of highly skilled talents is the key work of Chu cuisine Research Institute. Zou Zhiping, Professor of Hubei University of Economics and President of Chu cuisine Research Institute, told reporters that the promotion of Chu cuisine culture, the promotion of Chu cuisine brand and the development of Chu cuisine industry are inseparable from excellent Chu cuisine talents. Every year, some outstanding Chu cuisine talents are selected by some famous Chu Cuisine Enterprises before they go out of school. Zhang Zihao is still a junior at Chu cuisine Research Institute. In 2021, as a contestant of Hubei delegation, he won the second place (silver medal) in the National Rural Revitalization vocational skills competition and achieved the best result of Hubei delegation. Before graduating, he has reached a work intention with a well-known restaurant in Xiangyang.

    Chu cuisine research institute not only trains college students majoring in cooking, but also  social workers. Zou Zhiping told reporters that the Chu cuisine research institute conducts Chu cuisine making-skill training for chefs in canteens, restaurants and social restaurants of provincial organs and institutions every year. Hubei University of Economics has more than 10 teaching platforms and training bases, such as the training and identification base of Chinese cuisine (catering service) Masters (famous teachers), which are based on Chu cuisine Research Institute. Up to now, more than 100 skill examinations have been carried out, including staff skill training, vocational skill appraisal and grade recognition. 20000 people have been promoted to senior workers, and more than 3000 people have been promoted to technicians and senior technicians.

Lu Liang, head of Chinese Chu cuisine, one of the top ten chefs in China, grade for the cuisines made by students from Hubei University of Economics. 

    Chu cuisine Research Institute is committed to creating a more advanced Chu cuisine education base. The Chu cuisine modern industry institute established on the basis of Chu cuisine Research Institute will be officially listed in late May. Hubei University of Economics will renovate and expand the existing cooking training center, equip with more advanced cooking equipment, create a better practical operation environment, and provide better learning experience for students.

Changjiang Daily Wuhan, April 28 (Reporter Tan Fang  Correspondent Tao Hui)