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  Being primarily responsible for further education programs such as Higher  Adult Education, Self-Taught Examination Training, Training Education etc., the  School of Continuing Education has School Affairs Office, Training Department,  Adult Education Department, Self-Taught Examination Office and Student Affairs  Office. It has a well-developed Higher Adult Education program, Higher  Self-Taught Examination program and various Non-Degree Training programs, as  well as different levels of education including Associate To Bachelor Degree,  High School to Junior College, Self-study Examination Tutorship Classes  (starting at high school level), and Self-study Examination Tutorship Classes  (starting at junior college level).

  With more than 4000 students, the School now maintains 44 training and  undergraduate programs, including those in Finance, Business Management,  Accounting and several correspondence stations. As one of the few universities  capable of holding Self-Taught Examination on Higher Education, the School has  enrolled more than 20,000 registered examinees since 2006 and seated more than  10,000 undergraduates. It now has 20 majors for examination, including  Accounting (CPA), Market Management, E-commerce, Construction Economics and  Management. Also, a training base for Sinopec Hubei was established in the  School.

(PPT Presentation of the School of  Continuing Education)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:   Liu Xinping

    Vice Dean: Huang Jianping

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary: Chen Huiming

     Vice Secretary:Yang Tao

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  Address: Office 114, Law and Commerce Building, HBUE 430205

  Tel: 86-27-81973957

  Contact Person: Luo Jie