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"Xixian-LuoYu"Finance City Forum

On April 29, 2022, the Xixian-Luoyu Finance Intra-city Forum was successfully held at Hubei University of Economics. The forum was co-sponsored by Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hubei Institute of Economics, Wuhan Textile University, and co-organized by Hubei Institute of Economics, Financial Research and Financial Science magazines.The opening ceremony of the conference was presided over by Professor Cai Hongying, Dean of the School of Finance and Public Administration of Hubei University of Economics. Professor Fang Jie, President of Hubei University of Economics, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer, expressing his gratitude to all the experts and scholars in the financial circle of Wuhan City.The keynote speech session was presided over by Professor Zhang Kezhong, Dean of the School of Finance and Taxation, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law. Professor Wu Junpei, Director of Wuhan University Fiscal and Financial Research Center, Professor Yang Canming, President of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and Xu Jianguo, Distinguished Professor of Hubei University of Economics, made wonderful speeches respectively.The theme of Professor Wu Junpei's speech was Strive to Create the School of Exchange Division. He started from whether Chinese economists can contribute to the mainstream economy, what is neoclassical economics and supermarginal analysis, and what is the exchange division of labor school. Combined with his years of research and thinking, he studies how to understand the new exchange division of labor school. The object, research method, how to understand the law of the new exchange division of labor structure, made a systematic exposition and in-depth discussion. He emphasized that he should use a scientific world outlook and methodology to understand the laws of development of human society. He believes that it is the call of the times to create a new school of exchange and division of labor! He called on colleagues in the finance disciplines of colleges and universities in Wuhan to work together to create a new school of exchange division of labor.Professor Yang Canming gave a wonderful speech on Some Understandings about Common Prosperity. He systematically expounded common prosperity from eight aspects. First, from the concept of common prosperity, why it is impossible for capital countries to achieve common prosperity. Second, at this stage, common prosperity is the direction of our efforts, not the reality. third. Common prosperity is by no means robbing the rich to help the poor, or sacrificing entrepreneurial spirit. Fourth, common prosperity is a concept in a relative sense, not absolute egalitarianism, allowing reasonable gaps. Fifth, common prosperity is comprehensive prosperity, a unity of material prosperity and spiritual prosperity. Sixth, common prosperity and crossing the middle-income trap. Seventh, the influence of the fourth distribution within the family on common prosperity and social harmony. Eighth, the fundamental problem of achieving common prosperity is to enhance the ability of individuals to obtain income.Professor Xu Jianguo's speech theme was Two major international tax reforms in the mid-20th century and lessons learned. He sorted out the axiological basis of tax distribution from Smith's paradox of value, Say's utility theory of value, marginal utility value theory and the tax source theory of classical economics. From the three aspects of the medieval and modern European tax system, the failed expenditure tax experiment, and the successful value-added tax reform, this paper profoundly summarizes the experience and lessons of the tax system reform, and proposes that the tax system reform requires certain economic, social and political conditions, as well as tax system design and reform. It is necessary to fully consider the national conditions, and the tax collection plan must be operable.The dissertation presentation is divided into three parts. They were hosted by Professor Gong Feng, Director of the Department of Finance, School of Economics and Management, Wuhan University, Chen Long, Director of the Editorial Department of Financial Research, and Professor Zhang Qing, School of Finance and Public Management, Hubei University of Economics. Lu Shengfeng and Liu Min from Wuhan University, Zhao Kui, Qian Ningyu and Cai Jun from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Tian Binbin and Yang Xiaoliang from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Duan Dingqiang from Wuhan Textile University and Tao Dongjie from Hubei University of Economics shared their papers.About 50 financial experts and scholars from the same city in Wuhan participated in the forum to discuss important theoretical and practical issues in the field of finance. The forum will definitely promote the improvement of the level of financial discipline in the same city, and also add luster to the celebration activities of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of Hubei Institute of Economics and the 115th anniversary of the school.