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Our college held the 2022 graduates Forum

To further do a good job in graduate care services, guide the 2022 graduates and the college to breathe, common destiny, and actively make suggestions for the development of the college. On the afternoon of June 16, the symposium of the class of 2022 was held in conference room 420 of mingbian building. College leadership, department head, class teacher, 2022 class graduates on behalf of 14 people attended the Forum. The symposium was chaired by Xia fei, deputy secretary of the college party committee. At the symposium, the graduates' representatives shared their learning experience and growth experience in turn, and actively offered suggestions for the future development of the college. The graduates' representatives mainly put forward their views and suggestions on the curriculum, course selection guidance, practice arrangement, thesis writing and employment, and had a heated discussion with the college leaders. At the end of the symposium, president cai Hongying thanked the graduates for their support and affirmation of the work of the college, and responded to the comments made at the symposium, saying that the college would gradually improve the personnel training program, do a good job in academic guidance and achieve teaching and learning. President cai put forward hope to the graduates, hope that the majority of graduates into a new stage of life after the initiative to think, learn to sum up, in doing things must deal with the  what, why, do what  problem, sincerely wish the students successfully start the next stage of life journey.