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The 14th " huatu cup " civil service simulation recruitment competition successfully held 

May 26 afternoon, The final of  the 14th  huatu cup  civil servant simulation recruitment contest was successfully held in lecture hall no. 52. The event is sponsored by the school of finance and public   administration, and the partner is huatu education Hubei     branch. YangYueping, president of Hubei huatu Wuhan branch, Huang Shanshan, president of Jiangxia branch, ma Shaokun,  director of teaching and research, husiyu, head of speech group, director of project operation, School of finance and public management party secretary Huang hua, deputy party    secretary Xiafei, full-time teachers ZhaoXiaoyan, Chengehan, XiongYing attended the event. Huanghua, party secretary of     the school of finance and public management, delivered a    speech. he thanked Hubei huatu education for its help in   the public examination of the college and Hubei huatu       education for its sponsorship and support of the event. Hope that today's finalists in today's competition out of self, competition out of style, competition out of good results. Since its launch on April 10, the event has been organized for all students of Hubei institute of economics and other college students. a total of 368 students of different grades from different colleges have passed the written examination and interview. The final was divided into two parts: answering questions and mutual evaluation. twelve candidates dressed in formal attire were randomly divided into four groups. Preparation stage, each examinee race against time to make an outline on the writing paper, until the stage to answer calm, clear expression. During the final, 7 examiners carefully observe the performance of candidates, listening to the process to record the actual situation of each candidate. Four groups of candidates completed the answer, Hubei huatu teachers branch teaching and research director ma Shaokun made detailed comments on the performance of the players, comments not only let the players said a lot of harvest, but also won the audience bursts of applause. Yang Yueping, president of Hubei huatu Wuhan branch, delivered a wonderful speech, expressing his encouragement to the finalists, support for the activities and prospects for the future. According to the examinee on-site score, remove a highest score and a lowest score to take the average score, the first prize winner is Yang Xin, the second prize winner is Li Xiangyue, Wang can, the third prize winner is Xu Jialin, Wang Tiantian, Yang Dongli, The winners of the excellence award are Liang Xinying, Zhou yan, Xiao Yujie, Huang Junbo, Cao Sasha and lu Xiaoying. The competition simulated the reality of the public examination, in accordance with the full process of the public examination simulation, not only improve the students' public examination awareness, but also let the students harvest the public examination experience.   On-site simulation also let the students to understand the interview form and process, so that the contestants improve the ability of the public examination.  Huatu cup  civil service simulation recruitment competition after 14 years of repeated grinding and exploration, has always been based on the school of finance and public management personnel training objectives, and strive to train financial management students to be able to think logically, write clearly, rigorous speech. In the future, the financial management college will continue to do a good job in  the  civil service simulation recruitment contest, in order  to    exercise and improve the overall quality of students,        students establish a high sense of social responsibility and continuous efforts!