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School of financial management held a series of activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the school - teacher-student friendship basketball game

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hubei institute of economics and the 115th anniversary, Enrich the cultural life of teachers and students, enhance the friendship between teachers and students, and convey the spirit of sports with basketball. After the rainy season, the sun opened the white thick barrier, the green leaves on the lawn gathered sporadic drops of water, shining in the sun, it is a good season for sports. Around 4 pm, the participating teachers and students came to the basketball court early to warm up, teachers and students are full of passion. Before the game, the teacher and the students shook hands and took photos, the stadium jubilant. With a clear whistle sounded, the hospital party secretary Huanghua threw the ball, the two sides jump ball game officially began. Students passion to catch up, you fight for me, the majestic power of youth to enjoy the show; the staff are not to be outdone, you attack me, seize every opportunity to score. The students cheered and shouted for both sides. The whole stadium is permeated with the atmosphere of youth and enthusiasm. At the end of the second quarter, one of the students jumped up and the basketball flew into the box in a graceful arc, which was greeted with cheers from the audience. In the last quarter of the competition, the teachers scored continuously through beautiful cooperation, which won the applause of the audience. The last five minutes of the game, the field more intense competition, the two players fierce competition, the score gap is narrowing. At the last minute, the teaching and administrative team reversed the score with a jump shot, and finally won the friendship match 59: 58. The development of the teacher-student basketball game not only enriched the after-school cultural life of teachers and students, but also enhanced the friendship between teachers and students, but also showed the financial management of the youth and vitality and teachers and students unity, harmony, the courage to struggle spirit, while promoting the vigorous development of school sports activities, played a positive role.