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Welcome to the School of Finance and Public Administration!


      The School of Finance and Public Administration has two major disciplines: Finance and Public Administration covering five undergraduate majors: Finance, Taxation, Public Service Administration, Administrative Management and Labor and Social Security.

      The School has two teaching units: Fiscal Department and Taxation Department that set up two discipline platforms: the scientific and technological innovation team formed by youth from colleges and universities in Hubei Province, namely “Innovation of Local Fiscal System in Hubei”, and the key research base of humanities and social sciences in Hubei known as “The Research Center for Local Revenue in Hubei”. The subject of Finance was recognized as the key discipline in Hubei in 2006, and has been qualified for the certificate master’s degree since then. The courseFinance was rated as excellent in Hubei and was approved for Chutian scholars in 2007.

      It now has 28 full-time teachers, including six professors, 11 associate professors, 17 doctors, three doctoral students, ten supervisors for masters, one Committeeman from Academic Committee of French Public Fiscal and International Foundation, four national first-degree institutional directors, and eight second-class institutional directors. Through the Chutian scholars, Huang Peihua, the Professor of China Research Center in Oxford University became the lecture professor from “Chutian Scholars Project”, and Liu Shangxi, the deputy director of the Ministry of Finance Research Institute, who was also nominated as the specially-appointed professor from “Chutian Scholars Project”.

      In the past five years, more than 30 academic treatises, teaching materials and 400 papers have been published, among which more than180 papers are published in national and core journals. Four National Social Science Fund Projects, five Humanities and Social Science Fund Projects of the Ministry of Education and four Chinese Postdoctoral Science Foundation Projects have been carried on in succession. Dozens of subjects, entrusted by the United Nations Development Program, Asian Development Bank, the Ministry of Finance and State of Taxation, have been established. The School has won more than 20 awards at provincial and ministerial level as well as bureau level in scientific research fields.

      The School develops five comparatively stable subject research directions: the local fiscal and tax system, tax policy and tax planning, the local governments’ performance evaluation, intergovernmental relations and regional policy and social security policy. It has held many domestic and international conferences and has sent any teachers to America, Canada, France, Spain and Malaysia for academic exchanges.

      In the past five years, it has also set up an excellent course at the provincial level, two excellent courses at the university level, and six teaching research projects at the provincial level. It carries out a tutorial system for undergraduates who have won provincial and ministerial level prizes in social practice, scientific research and academic competitions. Most importantly, the quality of graduates’ employment has steadily improved year by year.

(PPT Presentation of the School of Finance and Public Administration )

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:   Cai Hongying

    Vice Dean:Deng Yi; Yu Junhua

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary:Tang Zhongqiu

    Vice Secretary: Zhang Yuanping 

Meet Some of Our Staff

  CHUTIAN Scholars: Liu Shangxi Lv Bingyang

  Discipline Leaders: Cai Hongying Lin Ying

  Professors: Cai Hongying Lin Ying Zhang Qing Deng Yi Ruan Jiafu Yuan Wenyi

  Associate Professors(Ph.D): Li Xin Hu Kai Yu Junhua Yang Xiaotian Hao Erhu

         Lv Lina 

Contact Us

  Address: Office 509, Qunxian Building, HBUE 430205

  Contact Person: Shi Lin; Wen Dan