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Prof. Shi Shaobin, the Secretary General of the Professional Instruction Committee of Finance, Ministry of Education, was invited to give a report on the construction of new liberal arts.

   On the afternoon of November 17, 2022, Prof. Shi Shaobin, Secretary General of the Teaching Guidance Committee of Finance of the Ministry of Education and Executive Vice President of the School of Economics of Shandong University, was invited to give an online presentation entitled The Construction of Finance Major in the Context of New Liberal Arts - Opportunities and Challenges to all teachers of the School of Finance and Public Administration. Prof. Shi Shaobin reviewed the origin and development of New Liberal Arts, explained New Liberal Arts Construction under the guidance of General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Ministry of Education, and introduced the series of work done by the National Working Group on New Liberal Arts Construction. Professor Shi pointed out that the connotation of the new liberal arts can be summarized as integration, modernization, Chineseization and internationalization. This provides a guiding direction for us to continue to promote professional development. Prof. Shi also introduced the national development of the discipline and professional construction of finance in detail, provided rich cases from ministerial institutions and local colleges and universities, pointed out the difficulties faced by finance majors and the paths to solve the problems, and opened the vision of discipline and professional construction for all teachers in the school. After the report, all the teachers in the School of Finance and Management had an in-depth discussion on how to promote the discipline and professional construction in the next step.