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A Series of Activities of “100=Talents Program” is Under the Way


On May 28, 2018, the distinguished professor of "100 people plan" foreign specialist of Organization Department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, professor Jonathan Hamilton was invited to have the first symposium with teachers of our school in conference room 420.

In the symposium,dean Cai Hongying first introduced the basic situation of School of Finance Management to professor Hamilton, and briefly introduced her academic expertise and current research interests. All the present teachers also explained their research fields and looked forward to further cooperating with professor Hamilton. Professor Hamilton's main research direction is public economics, especially optimal taxation theory and inter-governmental tax competition, which are highly consistent with the research fields of many teachers in our school. Then the two sides had an in-depth discussion on finance relationship between the Sino-US financial systems and the government. Many similarities and differences were found through comparative analysis and many sparks of ideas were generated in the process of exchange and learning.