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The first tax elite challenge competition of Hubei universities ended in our school


On November 29th, the first Tax Elite Challenge Competition of Hubei Colleges and University was held in our university. It was attended by president of International Taxation Research Institute of Hubei Province, distinguished professor of our university Xu Jianguo,deputy inspector of Hubei Provincial Tax Service,State Administration of Taxation, Liu Qiang,Talent Pool expert of State Administration of Taxation, deputy director of Tax Paying Service, Hubei Provincial Tax Service, Huang Xuexun, director of training department, Hubei Provincial Certified Tax Agents Association, Zhou Qin, and more than 40 industry elites from Zhongtaohuayi, Zhongshuiwangtianyun, Xinhongluo, Zhitongjingdu, Jingdulianxin and other tax accountant firms.

The competition was hosted by Hubei Provincial Certified Tax Agents Association, jointly organized by School of Finance and Public Administration of our university and Hubei Local Tax Research Center and lasted for two months with nearly 2,000 economic and management college students from nine colleges and universities participated in the contest. Six university teams entered the final which was divided into three parts: individual competition, impromptu brief answer and case analysis. After fierce competition, the representative team of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law won the first prize, the representative team of our university and the representative team of School of Law and Business won the second prize, and the representative team of Wuhan Textile University, Hanjiang Normal University and Huazhong University of Science and Technology won the third prize.

The team leader of our university, Wang min said: "the competition has built a platform for us to learn and exchange knowledge of tax law, stimulated our strong interest in learning knowledge of finance and tax, and enhanced the friendship of tax enthusiasts." A member of the team from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Ma Chuhan said the competition strengthened her belief in pursuing a career in taxation.

Director of Hubei Local Tax Research Center , professor Lin Ying said the competition showed the innovative results of reform and practice of fiscal and taxation courses, which will help cultivate reserve talents of taxation major and hoped that more outstanding students could compete with each other in the future.