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The listing ceremony of "Hubei Graduate Workstation" between Hubei University of Economics and Zhongtao Huayi Accounting Firm was successfully held

On the morning of October 20, the listing ceremony of Hubei Graduate Workstation jointly declared and approved by Zhongtao Huayi certified public accountants and Hubei University of Economics was grandly held in Zhongtao Huayi Accounting Firm. Professor Cai Hongying, dean of the school of Finance and Public Administration of our university, awarded the license of Zhongtao Huayi Accounting Firm. Yi Kunshan, general manager of Zhongtao Huayi Accounting Firm, and Professor Gong Zhenzhong, vice president, attended the awarding ceremony.

President Cai Hongying thanked Zhongtao Huayi Accounting Firm for its long-term strong support to the school in scientific research and talent cultivation. She said that the establishment of the graduate workstation in Hubei Province is a new opportunity. The graduate workstation is an important place for graduate students' scientific research, and practice, which can provide a strong guarantee for improving graduate students' practical and innovation ability. Both sides should strengthen the cooperation and exchange between tutors through this platform to cultivate double qualified tutors. Through the construction of graduate workstation, cultivate a group of practical talents, output a number of high-level research results, and jointly promote the career development of both schools and enterprises.

Yi Kunshan, general manager, thanked Hubei University of economics for its trust and support. He pointed out that we should take the workstation as the platform and use the strength of both schools and enterprises to promote industrial innovation and scientific and technological innovation; Further communication with university teachers through workstations, taking the platform as a platform for the transformation of existing scientific and technological achievements in Colleges and universities; Rely on the workstation to realize the two wheel drive of theoretical teaching and social practice in Colleges and universities, and further strengthen the cooperation of talent cultivation. He said that he would live up to his high expectations and try his best to build a graduate workstation.