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Three-dimensional talent training for the Public Sector: the Institute of Financial Management held a special seminar on talent training

(correspondent Tao Dongjie) On the afternoon of November 4, 2021, The Institute of Financial Management held a seminar on Three-dimensional Talent Training For the Public Sector. Fu Hong, vice president of Hubei University of economics, Tao Qiangong, director of the academic affairs department, and Professor Chen Zhiyong, former dean of the school of Finance and Taxation of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, visited for guidance. The seminar was presided over by Professor Cai Hongying, Dean, and attended by all faculty and staff of the college.

At the meeting, president Cai Hongying first delivered a thematic report entitled exploration and practice of the three-dimensional talent training model of 'three-dimensional eight modules' for the public sector. The report theoretically summarizes the talent training of the college in the past ten years, and puts forward the three-dimensional talent training mode, which breaks the traditional way of positioning talent training objectives according to discipline attributes, and changes the perspective of talent training from discipline oriented to public sector demand oriented. The report includes seven aspects: the background of the exploration of talent training objectives and training paths, the refinement of talent training objectives, the practical process of constructing talent training mode, the refinement of talent training mode, the achievements, existing problems and the direction of efforts in the next step.

Vice President Fu Hong fully affirmed the remarkable achievements made by the Institute of Financial Management in talent training and put forward five constructive suggestions. First, we should more scientifically explain the definition of three-dimensional eight modules, give it an appropriate name, demonstrate its corresponding to different aspects of talent training and different abilities of college students, prove its scientific and reproducible ,and finally condense it into the theoretical model. Second, we should strengthen the research and practice of curriculum ideological and political education, dig deep into the elements of curriculum ideological and political education, summarize good methods, and make greater efforts to cultivate the curriculum ideological and political masters, teams and demonstration courses. Third,with the support of the Institute of Financial Management,we have coordinated the resources of the whole school to deliver good teaching results. Fourth, the talent training of the Institute of Finance and Management should take into account the two disciplines of economics and management, and strive to achieve coordinated development and mutual promotion. Fifth, the idea of education and teaching reform should closely focus on the law of students' learning, take students as the center, and think about how to help students learn and make students love learning more.

Then, 9 teachers' representatives recommended by the department made speeches respectively. Institute party committee secretary Huang hua speech titled thinking about teachers' educational path, emphasizes the basic task of the school is to foster character and civic virtue, the basic duty of a teacher is to teacher and teaching must educate people He encouraged all the staff and teachers with general Secretary Xi Jinping's to be a good teacher with ideals and beliefs, moral sentiments, solid knowledge and a benevolent heart”and from the noble teacher moral infection sentiment,curriculum ideological and political infiltration feelings,guiding practice to take care of the reality,solve doubts,care for correction of values,love to accompany the common growth” of five aspects of the path of teacher education.

Professor Gong Zhenzhong,vice dean of Hubei University of Economics gave a speech entitled Curriculum Reform under the background of new liberal arts,which elaborated the connotation of new liberal arts and the goals and paths of curriculum reform under the background of new liberal arts. Combining with the current situation of talent cultivation of Hubei University of Economics, he put forward reform suggestions at the school and college levels.
Professor Yuan Wenyi, vice dean of the school, gave a speech entitled Construction of Public Administration Specialty under the Background of Double Ten thousand, pointing out the imbalance between the construction of public administration major and the construction of public administration major of the School of Finance and Management, analyzing the problems and reasons behind the construction of public administration major, and putting forward his own thoughts on the next construction of public administration major.
Associate Professor Wei Tao, vice president of the college, gave a speech entitled Reflections on the Construction of First-class Finance and Taxation Major under the Background of new liberal arts. He expounded the requirements of the construction of first-class finance major from the three aspects of curriculum system, mode innovation and quality culture, and proposed the idea of opening the door to run schools and create first-class education. To promote the construction of national first-class major in finance and provincial first-class major in taxation by opening the school gate and realizing the integration of industry and education and collaborative education of multiple subjects 

Professor Lv Lina, dean of the Department of Public Administration, gave a speech entitled The Value, wedge and path of the deep integration of Party building and talent cultivation in the Faculty branch of the College.The report points out that the model of deep integration of party building and talent training in the faculty branch of the college includes: To branch on political construction is the soul of ideal and faith, the professional personnel of high quality to branch ideology construction the discipline direction and professional characteristics, according to the construction of party branch organization in a high level teaching staff, according to the construction of style of branch internalization in life for this educational philosophy, branch discipline construction to build high quality educational environment, to the branch system of building standard training process.
Associate professor of the fiscal and taxation department TaoDongJie speech titled college full implementation of tutorial system of investigation and thinking, the report shows based on the questionnaire investigation of the money tube 541 undergraduate college, points out that the current undergraduate tutorial system exists to guide the effect not beautiful, guiding lock time low, mentoring project low coverage of the three prominent problems, At the same time, it points out that the crux of the problem.

Dr. Ren Li, deputy director of the Department of Public Administration,gave a speech entitled Discussion on the Construction of grassroots Teaching Organization of the Department of Public Administration under the Three-dimensional Talent Cultivation Mode. The report points out that the three-dimensional talent cultivation goal of the School of Financial Management can be decomposed into the quality structure, knowledge structure and ability structure of talent cultivation. Guided by the above objectives, the construction of grassroots teaching organization of public administration includes: comprehensively and deeply developing curriculum ideological and political construction, optimizing the quality structure of personnel training; Highlight the construction of method and frontier courses and improve the knowledge structure of talent training; Focus on strengthening practical teaching links and strengthening the structure of talent training ability.
Department of Finance and Taxation teacher Associate professor Hao Erhu, gave a speech entitled Strategy for the Implementation of ideological and Political Construction in the School of Finance and Management. The report includes four parts: understanding the significance of curriculum ideological and political construction, clarifying the goal of curriculum ideological and political construction, exploring the elements of curriculum ideological and political construction, and putting forward countermeasures. He pointed out that the Ministry of Education has clearly defined the significance and construction goal of curriculum ideological and political, grassroots teaching organizations should focus on the establishment of curriculum benevolent and political evaluation system, the development of ideological and political elements of the method.
Dr. Tu Li, a teacher of the Department of Public Administration, gave a speech entitled Be an interesting Generation of College teachers. Tu Li summed up several distinctive characteristics of post-00s college students and suggested that university teachers should approach students actively and communicate with them one-on-one. The speech should respect students' dominant position and strengthen equal communication between teachers and students. Adapting to the development trend of The Times, shaping the image of teachers in the new era; Using mobile Internet tools to create classic teacher IP three aspects of the proposal.
Finally, Professor Chen Zhiyong, former Dean of School of Finance and Tax and Director of pilot School of School of Finance Management of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, and Director of Academic Affairs Office Tao Qiangong spoke in turn.Professor Chen Zhiyong put forward the thinking of undergraduate talent cultivation from five aspects. First, it must be clearly recognized that talent cultivation plays a fundamental role in discipline construction, and the status of a university is determined by the talent cultivation in the previous twenty years. Secondly, the objective orientation of talent training should be rational, human and divine (i.e. sense of transcendence and awe). Third, the center of undergraduate education is two bases: basic theory and basic method; Fourthly, the idea and method of talent training should emphasize the stimulation of students' own potential, and pay attention to the training of young teachers' teaching ability and the selection and cultivation of teaching materials; Fifthly, the young Hubei University of Economics should take the initiative to go out and establish close relations with the outside world. Experts and scholars should make their voices heard in the media and participate in government research projects, so as to lay the foundation of discipline construction with high popularity and good reputation.

Director of Tao Qiangong put forward the thinking about talent cultivation from five aspects. First, the goal of High-level university of Finance and Economics with distinctive characteristics put forward by the university is still not clear enough. The School of Finance and Management also needs to think hard about how to support the university's goal. Second, the positioning of talent training programs should be more accurate, the training system and mode should be more clear, and how to support talent training should be demonstrated, which aspects of students' abilities should be corresponding to it. Thirdly, we should have a clear understanding of the connotation of the construction of new liberal arts. We should not simply consider it as the addition of information technology content, but new research methods and tools to serve the liberal arts profession. Fourthly, the overall construction of the school's major is facing a great deal of practice. The start, stop, combine and change of the major will be adjusted at any time according to the needs of the society. The public management major should consolidate its foundation and build the standard and table. Fifthly, specialty construction should be carried out in accordance with the new round of undergraduate education and teaching audit and evaluation index system.
President Cai Hongying expressed his gratitude to the leaders, experts and all faculty and staff attending the meeting, and requested the leadership team of the School of Financial Management to speed up the implementation of various reform measures, and all faculty and staff to continue to think seriously, practice hard, focus on concentrating, and make good achievements, so as to push the quality of talent training of the School of Financial Management to a new level. The conference ended in a heated discussion among all the faculty members, and the symposium was a great success.
   After more than a year of preparation, the symposium gathered 45 teaching and research papers written by faculty and staff to form a collection of theses. It covers many subjects, such as specialty construction and talent cultivation mode reform, curriculum construction and teaching reform, practical teaching and discipline competition, grassroots teaching organization construction, tutor system and three-in-one education. In the early stage, the departments of finance and Taxation and public management had several discussions, looking for problems, giving ideas and providing many constructive suggestions. The talent training discussion and symposium are the retrospect and prospect of all financial management personnel standing at the new historical node, and the re-study of the spirit of higher education in the new era, such as taking the foundation as the foundation and four returns to cultivating talents by virtue , which is of great significance for the college to implement the fundamental task of cultivating talents by virtue and comprehensively improve the quality of talent training.