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The School of Financial Management launched a special publicity campaign on "Anti-telecommunication Network Fraud"

This net news (correspondent Zhang Yuhui, Liu Sitong)In order to further improve the safety education of anti-telecommunication network fraud and guide students to enhance their awareness of safety precautions and improve their ability of safety protection, on the afternoon of April 16th, the School of Finance and Public Administration invited four police officers from Canglongdao Police Station to hold a special lecture on anti-fraud knowledge for our students.

At the beginning of the activity, the police officers vividly told ten common situations in online fraud through case display, especially the typical cases of college students being deceived, analyzed how fraudsters seized the victims' carelessness and other psychology to release bait and create traps in different situations, and told the students the correct coping methods. Once suspected fraud was found, they immediately called 110 to call the police.

Finally, the police officers reminded all the students to accurately identify fraud and keep in mind the key points of prevention. When encountering major accidents involving personal safety or property losses, they should call the police station for help in time.

Don't be greedy, keep your eyes open, stretch your strings, and prevent fraud. This anti-fraud knowledge publicity activity has enhanced all students' awareness of safety precautions, improved students' safety protection ability, guided students to establish a correct concept of safety, effectively curbed the breeding and spreading of campus fraud crimes, and enhanced students' sense of security and happiness on campus.