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Start from the heart and release yourself

This net news (correspondent Huang Zhiqiang, Liu Zhen) On June 1, 2023, the College Students' Psychological Development Association of the School of Finance and Public Administration launched a recycling activity of emotional cards starting from heart and releasing themselves, aiming at guiding and promoting students facing the end of the term and graduation to adjust their mood, improve their mood, release their emotions and be themselves.


There are two links at the event site, abandoning emotions and making beautiful wishes come true. In the Abandoning Emotions session, participants can anonymously write what they want to write on post-it notes or small notes, including happy, sad, sorrow and other emotions. After abandoning the bad emotions they don't like, they can take a few candies as rewards. You can also choose to leave QQ number contact information, and psychological association volunteers reply regularly to provide some emotional help and support; In the session of  making beautiful wishes come true , participants can write down their blessings to others on Post-it notes and stick them on the exhibition board to share beauty and support and convey care and warmth.


This activity attracted a large number of students to participate, and many people cast their inner words at the emotional drifting point and shared their best wishes on the exhibition board. In addition, the volunteers of the Psychological Association also provided some useful emotional management suggestions and skills to help participants better manage their emotions and emotions, thus improving their quality of life.