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" Everyone Builds Beautiful HBUE Together"--School of Finance and Management Participates in "Arbor Day"

This net news (correspondent: Tan Liang Mu Qiu) The sunshine has reached warmth, and the colorful spring scenery is beginning to show. On the morning of March 12th, on the occasion of the 45th Arbor Day, the tree planting activity of Hubei University of Economics was held, with the active participation of student representatives, faculty representatives and alumni representatives, contributing to the construction of a beautiful, purified, harmonious and civilized campus.


During the activity, volunteers went to the designated area to plant trees, dig holes with shovels, water and irrigate. Everyone cooperated with each other and was full of energy. They planted seedlings in the soil, sowed green hopes, and pinned blessings to grow together. A total of 120 Chinese flowering crabapple trees and 10 beautiful plum trees were planted in this activity, and the volunteers of our hospital planted two beautiful plum trees, which added one point to the beauty of our hospital.


By participating in the Arbor Day activities, students have said that this labor education class, which conveys the concept of green ecological environment protection, has significantly improved everyone's awareness of environmental protection and greening, and the air quality in schools has been continuously improved, thus enhancing students' happiness.