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“100 Talents Program” series of activities of distinguished experts ---- expert’s lecture


On the afternoon of May 31, 2019, professor Jonathan Hamilton, the distinguished professor of the "100 Talents Program" of the organization department of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, was invited to give an academic lecture entitled "Retirement Savings Programs in the USA and Other Countries" in no.5 lecture hall. Professor Cai Hongying, dean of the school of public finance and administration, presided over the lecture, and professor li Xin finally translated and sorted out the lecture content. Professor Hamilton gave a detailed introduction to the enterprise annuity and individual pension account and related investment options in the United States, as well as the treatment of individual income tax on pension and account in the United States, and briefly introduced the situation in other countries. Finally, the students had a brief exchange with Professor Hamilton. This lecture makes students further understand the American pension system professionally and helps students to think about their own life plans.