The School Held a Teacher-Student Meeting on Education for

On the morning of 13th, October, the school held a Teacher-Student Meeting on Education for International Students in 2017 at Classroom 521 in the comprehensive building of College of Law and Business. Attendees includes Vice President He Huigang, Director of Office of Academic Affairs Tao Qiangong, Dean of School of Journalism and Communication Wang Yuankun, Dean of School of International Education(SIE) Wang Hong, Vice Dean of School of Business Administration Li Yalin, Vice Director of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation Li Yong and course professors including Sun Xuan, Ye Huali, Zhang Jinjun and Wei Xiaoyan. The meeting is hosted by the students’ instructor Song Ling, from SIE.


The Dean of SIE made a speech to welcome new students on behalf of the school faculty. The vice president, He Huigang made important speech to introduce the basic information of Hubei Province, Wuhan City and the university. He proposed three heartfelt hopes to all the international students. First, working hard to have a good command of the professional knowledge. Second, observing Chinese laws and regulations as well as the university disciplines and rules. Third, helping and caring about classmates for mutual growth and progress.

At the meeting, President He distributed the textbook of the new semester to each student and then all the students made their self-introduction one by one.

When the meeting finished, Professor Liu Hongmei, from School of Business Administration introduced the major to students. Wang Hong, Dean of SIE explained Administrative Regulation of International Students in Hubei University of Economics and Regulation of Status Management for International Students.