Notice on strict management of going out of students on campus (NO.5)



Notice on strict management of

going out of students on campus


In accordance with the requirements of Hubei University of Economics on epidemic prevention and control, schools need to accurately grasp students’dynamics, and strict daily management of all students is carried out. Based on the principles of non-essential non-going out, and equally managed, students who really need to go out should strictly perform the leave procedures and go out approval, report the reason, route, method, etc., present the corresponding proof about why you are going out, and then you can leave the school after approval. Therefore, unnecessary requests will be rejected. Please understand HBUE's epidemic prevention and control requirements, and actively cooperate with the school's relevant regulations.




1. Be sure to keep communication tools unblocked during going out; It is strictly prohibited to organize or participate in illegal religious activities.Going out to visit friends, shopping, doing part-time work and various kinds of training will not be approved for going out.


2. Take personal protection. Actively participate in physical exercise, keep the dormitory clean, do good personal hygiene, and consciously carry out health monitoring in accordance with school regulations. Comply with the school entry and exit regulations, minimize the number of students leaving the school, keep the study and living space relatively fixed, avoid crowds, especially places with poor air mobility, and maintain a social distance in public places.


3. Pay attention to personal safety. Do not swim without permission to prevent drowning accidents; Consciously abide by traffic laws and regulations, do not ride in vehicles without operating licenses or overloaded vehicles, and drive motor vehicles without licenses; If a person has a specific physical condition or a specific disease that prevents him or her from participating in a certain educational or teaching activity, he or she shall promptly notify the school and parents; In case of psychological confusion in study, life, emotion, etc., one should directly seek help from teachers of the IES or mental health education center of the school.


4. Comply with dormitory management regulations. Lock doors and windows and do not rent a house off campus without approval. Pay attention to the safety of electricity, do not randomly connect the wires in the dormitory, do not use high-power appliances, inferior sockets and inferior chargers.


5. Enhance network security awareness. Beware of all kinds of telecom fraud and network fraud, enhance the awareness of financial risk prevention, guard against all kinds of "routine loans", and do not participate in network loans.