Notice of The 2nd HBUE Chinese and International Students Photography Contest

Do not forget of a year the loveliest scene, when oranges look like gold and tangerines jade-green. In the early winter, the forests are dyed and beautiful. Walking around the campus, flowers, leaves, grasses and trees are all landscapes. In order to expand the artistic vision of students, strengthen cultural exchanges between Chinese and international students, and show their love and and aspiration of prospering on HBUE. The School of International Education and the Youth League Committee will jointly organized the The 2nd HBUE Chinese and international Students photography contest .

1.Purpose of the activity

The purpose of this activity is to enrich campus cultural activities, promote exchanges between Chinese and international students.


Charming HBUE in light and shadow of winter

3.Requirements of works

3.1 Record the natural scenery and cultural features of the campus with your camera. The content should reflect positiveness, youth, and vitality of contemporary university students .

3.2 The work should be original and not plagiarized from the Internet, and without post-processing.

3.3 Electronic photos and physical photos are necessary to be submitted. Electronic photos should be in the original JPG format, each photo should be accompanied by a title, and the physical photo should be in 7 inches.

3.4 Works that have been published or have been awarded are not allowed to participate in the competition.


All international students and Chinese students from HBUE

5.Registration method

Package the photos with tittle into a folder named “class + name + mobile phone number ”and send them to Submit your physical photo to international students office 212.

Contact person: LucasMobile phone No. :13647269368

Collection time: November 26 - December 5

Judges' selection: December 6-December 7

Online voting: December 8 - December 12

6.Result evaluation

Announce of results: 14th December. On the official account of the international exchange and Cooperation Office of HBUE and the website of the School of International Education

Rules of grading: The full score is 100, judges score 40%, online voting 60%.

7. Awards setting:

There will be 2 first prizes, 3 second prizes and 3 third prizes and 10 commemorative prizes. The winners will be given certain material rewards and honor certificates, and the electronic version of the winning works will be displayed on the WeChat public account of the International Exchange and Cooperation Office and the website of the International School of Education, and the physical version of the award-winning works will be framed and presented as souvenirs.


                      School of International Education

The Youth League Committee

November25, 2011