International Student Application Procedures

International Student Application Procedures

I.Application Procedures

1. Online Application

Log onto and create a new account

Fill in the online application form and submit the application materials as instructed.

2. Admission

The admission of international students into Hubei University of Economics is subject to the applicant’s academic performance, language competence and otherrelative qualifications.


II.Time for Application and Admission

1. Application for the fall semester: from March to August.

Application time for the spring semester: from November to January.

2. Application results will be announced in several rounds. Applicants can login to their online accounts to check their application status.


III. Visa Application and Registration

1. The admitted students have to apply for a Student Visa (X1 or X2 visas) at the Chinese embassy or consulate in the country or region to which their residency belongs or in which they live before leaving for China. Visa application materials may include, but not limited to, the Visa Application for Study in China (JW202 form), the Physical Examination Record of Foreigners and the complete physical examination (including blood test) report, plus theAdmission Notice issued by the Hubei University of Economics.

For the latest information about your visa application, please check on the website of the Chinese embassy or consulate in your area.

Please note: Students without a student visa CANNOT register atHubei University of Economics.

2. Registration for the fall semester starts in September.

Registration for the spring semester starts in March.

The specific time will be informed in the Admission Notice.




1. 网上申请



2. 录取

2. Admission



1. 秋季生申请时间一般为每年3-8月;春季生申请时间一般为上一年11-当年1

2. 学校将根据学生申请情况,分批次录取。学生可使用申请账号登录申请网站后可查询录取结果。




2. 秋季生报到时间为当年9月,春季生报到时间为当年3月,具体时间以录取通知书为准。