Glamorous, youthful bloom

   On December 9th, 2018, at 6:30 pm, in the lecture hall of the University Student Activity Center, the School of Information Management and Statistics, the School of Information and Communication Engineering and the School of Foreign Languages jointly held the "Charming, Youthful Bloom". The theme of the fascinating student finals. The guests and judges were deputy secretary of the Information Management and Statistics College, Gan Wanyang, counselor Liu Jie, relevant leaders and teachers of the School of Information and Communication Engineering and the School of Foreign Languages, as well as freshmen from each school.

   After a short introduction by the four hosts, the glamour student finals kicked off in the dance “Calories”. Under the beautiful lights, the fascinating students began a fierce competition in the enthusiastic support of the students. The program is diverse and exciting, with songs, cross talks, dances, etc. During the finals, students can not only enjoy the performances on the spot, but also follow the microblogging association of Hubei University of Economics to participate in online confession interaction and on-site sweepstakes. The wonderful performances of the charismatic students on the stage and the positive interactions between the students from the audience made the atmosphere warm. Surprisingly, as a major feature of our school, the Sao boys men's team danced at the end of the finals to cheer for the charismatic students, screaming throughout the audience.

   It is worth celebrating that the charismatic students of our school have achieved excellent results. Pan Chengyi, Guo Yuze and Xing Yuda won the second prize; Shi Lei won the third prize; Fan Yuting won the award. In particular, the cross-story work of the teacher's cross-story "Full-selling economy" was welcomed by the students on the spot and won the best popularity award. Mr. Liu Jie, a counselor of our school, presented awards and photographs to the charismatic students who won the third prize.

   "Happy time is always so short, but laughter and laughter are left in your heart. May every student in our life be more confident and proud in the future life!", the glamour student finals in the host's beautiful blessings After the successful conclusion, I look forward to meeting again in the coming year. Congratulations to all the students.