Yu Jingsheng Invited to the School Academic Forum

On October 7, the school academic forum invited associate researcher Yu Jingsheng from Wuhan University to illustrate his paper titled an Efficient and Strategy Proof Multi-item Ascending Auction under Financial Constraints. Mr. Yu shared his viewpoints on the his research’s background, methodology, conclusions and practical application. Mr. Yu’s paper proposes a new auction mechanism for heterogeneous multi items and makes it feasible to make the optimum strategy under two-dimensional private information and financial constraints, i.e., honest bidding. In addition, the equilibrium commodity distribution lies in the center of Pareto efficiency.

After Mr. Yu’s lecture, participants offered their views on the paper. Mr. Cai Shifeng questioned the operational details of the relative auction mechanism, Mr. Liu Qixiang offered his alternative to the tie-breaking in the mechanism and Mr. Liang Hong shared his view on the application issue of the mechanism.