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      The Department of Economics now has four teaching and research units including Western Economics, Political Economics, Quantitative Economics and Regional Economy and Project Investment Economy. It has two majors including Economics (Regional Economy and Project Investment) and RAD (Rural Area Development). The major Economics is a Provincial Brand Major in Hubei Province. Applied Economics in Regional Economy Direction is honored as a Provincial Key Discipline. Theoretical Economics is a key discipline at university level and it is also a discipline with specially-appointed professors of the “Chutian Scholars Project”. Our university has the first and only Experimental Economics and Data Analysis Laboratory among colleges and universities in Hubei Province.

      Currently, the department has 35 teachers, among which there are eight professors, nine associate professors, 20 doctors and doctoral students, and three supervisors for masters. In recent years, teachers of the department have presided over and participated in more than 30 provincial and ministerial teaching and research projects, published over ten monographs and textbooks, 300 papers in important academic journals at home and abroad, and more than ten are utilized by ISTP and EI. Some applied research achievements have also won second and third prizes at the provincial and ministerial levels. One research achievement recently won the Certificate of Major Scientific and Technological Achievements in Hubei Province.
      Cultivating talents who show abilities in economics thinking, abilities to use theory and their own intelligence to analyze issues, and the transferring abilities in major learning, social practicing, business start-up and employment are the key point in the department economics talent training. The employment rate of graduate students has stayed above 90%. Many alumni have gone on to be enrolled in well-known universities at home and abroad for master’s and doctor’s degrees.

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Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:   Gao Jie

    Vice Dean:Xiong An; Yan Fei; Fu Hong

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary:Su Wenhui

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  Zhang Fenqin

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  Gao Jie

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  Zhang Quanhong

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  Liao Changlin

  Su Wenhui

  Guo Shangwu

  Li Guomin

  Li Bo

  Ouyang Gonglin

  Zou Xiaojuan

  Liu Hanquan

  Liu Wanghui


  Fu Hong

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  Wang Qiong

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