Fu Hong Visits Dormitories

On September 28 afternoon, Fu Hong, HBUE vice president paid a visit to the school’s students’ dormitories together with the school Party secretary Nie Chuntian, dean Zhao Feng and student counselors.

They had a careful check on the hygiene, security and living conditions of the dormitories and exchanged views with the students on current affairs, epidemic prevention, professional learning, career planning, campus life and so forth. Fu Hong encouraged the students to adjust their mindset to adapt to epidemic control measures and to create a warm, healthy and active living atmosphere. He also emphasized the significance of self-protection, scientific bodybuilding and self-improvement so as to live a meaningful youth. Nie Chuntian inquired about the students’ plans for the new term, main concerns and living conditions and told the students to make full use of their campus life to lay a solid foundation for their future. In his talk with the students, Zhao Feng paid special attention to the difficulties and confusion the students encounter in daily life and encouraged them to use time in an appropriate manner so as to grasp various skills. He also told them to actively interact with teachers and classmates, aim high and work hard to make their dreams come true.

The interaction between teachers and students is a key measure of the university to tackle students’ concerns and difficulties and such interaction is helpful to establish a harmonious relationship the between the two sides and make such relationship more intimate. He Qiuyan, a student from International Trade Class 2142, said that the warm words, cordial greetings from the teachers are like those from family elders and she feels inundated in warmth. She pledged to exert her utmost efforts to live up to the teachers’ expectations.