Students in Wufeng Promoting Rural Revitalization

To leverage their respective advantages in party building and promote rural revitalization through party building, the Party committees of the school and Wufeng county co-sponsored the summer social practice project themed rural revitalization under the Partys leadership. The objective of the project is to help consolidate the county’s poverty eradication achievements by resorting to the school’s intellectual input. The school team under the banner of promoting development through Party branch cooperation is made up of 5 teachers and 21 students. In 5 days, the school team interacted with local Party organizations and carried out investigations in villages into the current situation of rural revitalization and common prosperity.

In the 5 days, the team visited Hubei Tea Museum and local tea factories and this acquainted the team with local tea culture, tea making techniques and tea industry. Centering around the topic On Poverty Alleviation Through Tea Industry Against the Backdrop of Rural revitalization, the team visited local tea enterprises and tea farmers and obtained more than 200 questionnaires. The analysis of the investigations by the team resulted in a report and 6 theses and they will be delivered to Wufeng Countys relative government departments for reference.

 In a local Party activity room, Party members from the team interacted with the local Party branch. They read Party membership oath and summarized the three-day investigation in local villages. Deng Xiaorong, a student Party member shared the story of a local senior Party member with the participants. The senior Party member donated money to built a cultural square for his village, leads his fellow villagers to provide volunteer services, made advance payment for newborns and so on. The moving deeds of the senior Party member demonstrate senior Party members’ selfless spirit of devotion to people’s well-being. Deng said she will follow these excellent examples throughout her life and try to make the most possible contribution to society. Zuo Yang, the student leader of the team, said that the project has provided the students with a good opportunity to experience rural life and culture in a real sense and that it will leave an unforgettable impression upon every member. She also expressed her determination to learn from grassroots Party cadres and serve the people wholeheartedly in a practical fashion.

This project resorts fully to the school’s intellectual advantage, will contribute to Wufeng County’s efforts to coordinate the consolidation of poverty alleviation and rural revitalization and play its due role in constructing a new Party building pattern with the objectives of resource sharing, advantage complementing, mutual enhancing and common progress.