[Notice of Meeting] Dec.17th,2020

Date of the Meeting: Dec.17th,2020


1Interpretation of the Guiding principles of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee of the CPC

Speaker: Shijie Dong

Time: 14:15

Location: J2-201

Attendee: All the teaching and administrative staff

2The Lecture on Health



Attendee: All the teaching and administrative staff


1.Field first-aid knowledge of CPR operation for on-the-job staff

(The knowledge about how to self-aid and mutualaid , specially about the prevention of COVID-19 , artificial respiration, CPR, the first aid for Sudden Cardiac and Cerebrovascular Death , trauma, bleeding, electric shock, etc.)

2.Prevention and improvement of mental and occupational diseases for on-the-job staff(such as of Shoulder Periarthritis , Cervical Spondylosis, Lumbar muscle strain, etc.)

3.Prevention and treatment of common chronic diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer knowledge prevention, etc.)

4.The knowledge of the harm of environmental pollutionsand how to prevent them (water pollution, decoration pollution, second-hand smoke, etc.)

5.Health knowledge about Three Less and Three Health(Less salt,less oil,less sugar with health mouth,health weight,and health bones), good diet, smoking cessation and alcohol restriction and health regiment with traditional Chinese Medicine

3Symposium on the construction of study style


Location:Room 503, Mingbian Building

Attendee: The members of the administration and the Head of Department