The School Listed as an Excellent Grassroot Teaching Organization

Recently, the Education Department of Hubei Province issued Notice on the Excellent Grassroot Teaching  Organizations in Colleges and Universities of Hubei Province in 2021, on which the core course team of international economics and trade from the School of Economics and International Trade is listed.

Focusing on the education of undergraduates and guided by the aim of building first-class specialty and improving undergraduate teaching quality, the core course team with 16 members make full use of resources both on and off campus against the trend of internet + international economy and trade. Emphasis is placed on the teaching of international trade, foreign languages and internet applications and on the training of students analytical capabilities, rule-based orientation and practical skills. This has endowed the students with solid international trade theoretical knowledge, strong cross-cultural communication capabilities and sound practical skills and enables them to work in government institutions and companies involved in international business management and operation. Being practical, pragmatic and proficient, innovative, intelligent, and initiative (3P+3I),  inter-disciplinary cross-border electronic commerce graduates from the school and its teaching mode centering on experimentation, practicability and skill training are well received by various walks of life.

The honor of being listed will serve as an encouragement for the school to give full play to the excellent grassroot teaching organizations and to continue innovative reforms in terms of talent fostering mode, curriculum planning, teaching contents and methodologies and so on. The school will promote innovation in classroom activity and enhance the application, spread and transfer of teaching research results so as to raise the quality of talent fostering.