School Youth Salon Holds Seminar

On November 25, members of the school youth salon (macroeconomics and international trade) held a seminar. Keynote speaker, Dr. Teng Zewei shared his views in his work report on the Regional Differences, Dynamic Evolution, Affecting Factors of Carbon Emissions in Chinas Tertiary Industry. Dr. Teng depicted his paper from 5 aspects: background, research methodologies, model construction, handling of endogeneity and conclusions. By measuring and evaluating accurately carbon emission and total factor productivity in tertiary industry, Dr. Tengs paper helps to recognize the regional differences in carbon emissions and the need to transform the style of economic growth, promoting the construction of ecological civilization and green high quality sustainable development of the tertiary industry. Therefor, Dr. Tengs paper is of theoretical and practical significance.

 Heated discussions ensued after Dr. Tengs report. Dr. Liu Dong pointed out that there may be defects in the empirical analysis of the influencing factors of carbon emission as the issue of endogeneity has not been properly tackled, therefore, a more suitable tool should be used.  Dr. Li Fangjing pointed out that the rationale should be clear when choosing relative affecting factors, such as theoretical reasoning and previous research experiences. Dr. Li also thinks that the robustness of the model should be taken into account as this is the current focus of journal editors in manuscript approving. Participants also delved into issues such as the measurement of digital economic indexes.