School Psychological Health Warning System Strengthened

In 2018 right after it was established the school set up a psychological health service system involving players from the university, the school and classes. To make communication faster, more accurate and smoother the school has been putting a lot of efforts in building a psychological health service team made up of key members from the students so that the psychological health service system can be improved, better service can be offered and that communication among different layers can be quickened. The objective is to provide the students in need with timely and effective psychological assistance, helping them tide over psychological dilemmas and promote their healthy development.  

On the afternoon of April 7, the school held a meeting and all members of the school’s psychological health service association and class commissaries in charge of psychological health attended the meeting. At the meeting psychological service procedure and action plan were further articulated. Also at the meeting, Tong Qianlong, the president of the association elaborated the newly-edited psychological service early warning plan, and Yi Xudong, the counselor, made additional remarks to the plan and organized a special training program on the Identification and Management of Common Psychological Problems in University. At the end of the meeting, Zhong Yanshu, the school deputy party secretary, pointed out, “psychological health is a life-long issue and can affect a student’s whole life, warranting our continual attention and efforts, not just for the sake of the coronavirus.”

 “Against the backdrop of the coronavirus appear more unusual and less conspicuous psychological problems. This meeting made me aware the importance of psychological health service, and I will watch out for the wellbeing of my classmates.” remarked Wang Yu, the commissary in charge of psychological health from International Trade Class 2041.