Fourth Session of the School’s First Congress Convened

On the afternoon of March 31, 2022, the school held its fourth session of the first congress of the staff in Room 503 of Mingbian Building. The meeting was presided over by Zhong Yanshu, the school’s deputy party secretary.

On behalf of the school leading group, Nie Chuntian, the school party secretary, delivered the Work Report of the School of Economics & International Trade for the Year 2021, summarizing the school’s work in 2021 and mapping out the school’s action plan for the year 2022. Also at the meeting, Zhang Xiaona, the office director, illustrated the school’s financial statements, Zhong Yanshu, the chairwoman of the school’s trade union delivered the Report on the Work of the School’s Trade Union and its Financial Statements, and Tao Zhensheng and Ma Yuxia, the vice deans of the school, elaborated the Measures to Foster Young Scholars and Amendments to the Executive Plan for Undergraduate Tutorship respectively.

After hearing the reports staff in the four faculties held hot discussions and fully expressed themselves, and then representatives from the faculties reported their opinions on the reports.

At the end of the meeting, Nie Chuntian remarked that all procedures of the meeting have been fully carried out and it has fully demonstrated the true meaning of democracy in terms of governance, supervision and decision making. He also hoped that all faculty can endow themselves with compassion, ambition, vision and teamwork and that the school can achieve new progress through joint and innovative efforts by all the staff of the school.