Welcome to the Department of Ideology and Politics!


  The Department of Ideology and Politics is responsible for ideological and political discipline. It focuses on student character development and mental health well being.

  The Department oversees many research institutes, including the Teaching and Research Offices of Ideology and Politics Education, Marxism Philosophy, Theory of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, History, Psychology, General Affairs Office, and the Educational Evaluation Center for Undergraduates Education of Ideological and Political Theory. The Evaluation Center is a key research base for Humanity and Social Science among colleges and universities in Hubei.

  Currently, the Department has 37 faculty members of which 35 are full-time teachers who have attended over 20 academic organizations in China. Many of them have attended academic exchange programs in different countries and regions, including America, England, Japan and Hong Kong. Recently, the faculty has published over 300 research papers, 40 teaching research papers, seven academic monographs and five textbooks. It has also supervised more than 70 projects at different levels and categories with four of them winning provincial and ministerial level academic research awards.

(PPT Presentation of the Department of Ideology and Politics)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:  Gui Sheng

    Vice Dean: Lu Yang; Wang Haixia

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary:Lu Yang

Meet Some of Our Staff

  Professors: Gui Sheng; Lu Yang; Jin Ping; Xiao Chunyan; Lu Changjun; Lv Feiyi 

  Associate Professors(Ph.D): Ding Yinhe; Fan Wenming; Tu Airong; Ye Xiaodong

Contact Us

  Address: Office 216, Humanities and Arts Building, HBUE 430205

  Tel: 86-27-81977041

  Fax: 86-27-81977041

  Contact Person: Wang