The Audition and Evaluation Experts of Undergraduate Teaching Work of the Ministry of Education visited the School of Marxism to guide the work

In the afternoon of June 12th, professor Hao Xiang, former party secretary of China University of Geology, and professor Li Shuhao, director of Teacher Teaching Development Center of Lanzhou University, who are the members of the expert group of Undergraduate Teaching Audit and Evaluation of the Ministry of Education, visited the School of Marxism. They discussed and guided the work of School with the leading group of the School. Liu Wei, secretary of the General Party Branch of the School of Marxism, Ding Yin he, vice President attended the symposium.

Liu Wei made a report to the expert group with the theme of the School of Marxism in striving. In the report, she focused on the school's positioning with three unusual, briefly expounding the four aspects of the school's undergraduate teaching work such as the basic situation of school teaching, achievements, school characteristics, existing problems and improvement measures .In his speech, vice President Ding Yinhe introduced in detail the exploration, results and existing problems of the reform of innovative ideological and political education in the school. Expert group listened to report carefully, affirming the undergraduate teaching achievement and self-improvement and self-reliant enterprising spirit, thinking the construction of the School of Marxism was very prosperous. They showed great interest in the Social Practice Teaching mode, the Special Subject Teaching reform, the Collective Lesson Preparation system, Multi-teacher Teaching mode, the Contemporary China course and other highlights in the work of the school. At the same time, the expert group also put forward important suggestions for further teaching reform practice of the school from the aspects of following education law, carefully summarizing experience, paying attention to balance advantages and disadvantages and so on.

In the past few days, the expert group has carried out the audit and evaluation of undergraduate teaching in our school by attending lectures, watching classes, visiting, inspecting and sampling examination papers. The visit of the expert group to the school has fully encouraged the morale and confidence of the faculty to continue to move forward, thoroughly checking up the issues in the school, bringing the new thinking.