The School of Marxism held the National Social Science Fund Project application and guidance meeting

Correspondent Lv Meng xing

In the afternoon of November 3, the School of Marxism held the tutorial meeting for the National Social Science Fund Project application. The meeting was presided over by Ye Xiaodong, president of the School of Marxism, and attended by Liu Wei, secretary of the General Party Branch of the school, and Ding Yinhe, vice President of the school, Tu Airong and qualified teachers of the institute.

The vice secretary of party committee of Wuhan University professor Luo Yuting, the deputy party secretary of Xu Baicai professor of South-central University for Nationalities, the deputy editor of Beijing University Journal , professor Liu Shu guang, vice President of the Ideological and Political Education Research Institute, Wuhan University, professor Xiang Jiuyu, vice president of the School of Marxism of Changsha University of Science and Technology, professor Liang Jian xin, instructing specifically the teachers’ topic and content of the National Social Science Fund Project selected for specific guidance.Five experts feel the pulse and consult one by one on the six topics selected by teachers in our school, and putting forward detailed opinions on revision for teachers applying for the examination. Experts suggested that teachers in our college should avoid the big topic and lack of originality when selecting a topic. On the one hand, teachers should pay attention to current politics, broadening their horizons, being good at discovering new problems, overcoming the conservative mentality of I am a person of great value and holding on to their original research field, which is not conducive to opening up a new situation of scientific research. On the other hand, it is necessary to clarify the connection between the background of the topic and the question, so as to avoid falling into the situation of wearing a hat and two pieces of skin.In the process of argumentation, an applicant should pay attention to the strictness of argumentation, sorting out the logical relations between each part clearly, and achieving clear veins and progressive layers. In the specific expression, an applicant should be rigorous, paying attention to the normative use of concepts, the scientific rationality of sentence expression, and putting an end to colloquial expression.

The detailed guidance of several experts gave the prescription and direction for teachers' project application, and laid a good foundation for the application of National Social Science Fund in 2019. Teachers in our college thought the guidance was beneficial to their project.