Ding Jun tao, a teacher in our school, was awarded the "2018 Humanity and Social Science Research Project by the Ministry of Education"

Recently, the Department of Social Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education released the evaluation results of the 2018 general project of humanity and social science research by the Ministry of Education. DingJuntao’s research project The Study on the Cultural Integration of Contract between Han and Uygur Nationalities in Xinjiang was approved as a project of ethnology and culturology, the Project Number: 18YJC850096.

This is another project after Huang Dunbing, Xiao Shujian’s Youth Fund Project of the Ministry of Education. This is another good achievement made by our school under the current high emphasis on scientific research. In this batch of projects approval, 12 projects of our university have been approved. Among them, there are 3 Planned Fund Projects and 9 Youth Fund Projects. Our university ranks the 69th in the total number of projects across the country, 13th in the national financial and economic colleges, 5th in the universities of  Hubei province, and 2nd in universities which are supervised by the Department of Education of Hubei province.