The 2018 Ideological Work Training Class of Summer Vacation was successfully completed

On August 24, after a full week of study,the 2018 Ideological Work Training Class of Summer Vacation successfully met with the study group of the Democratic Party of the university in Gui Zhou Normal University, and jointly held the study and completion ceremony. Liu Dahong, deputy party secretary of the University, Yin Xihui, deputy party secretary of Gui Zhou Normal University, and heads of relevant colleges and functional departments of the two universities attended the meeting. There are 41 students in the training class, and all the teachers of the School of Maxism, Publicity Department, Youth League Committee of the university, Student Affairs leaders and counselors of the college took part in the ceremony.

On behalf of the university, Liu Dahong expressed sincere thanks to Gui Zhou Normal University and its School of Marxism for carefully arranging this research and study activity, showing the sympathy to all the students who participated in the research and study. He highly affirmed the achievements of this research and study, and believed that the students studied the marxist theory with taking the long march road, thinking of first-hand experience of the revolutionary ancestors of the long march spirit on the scene, could understand the theory deeply.He hopes the students earnestly study and implement the speech spirit General Secretary Xi Jinping gave in national conference on propaganda and ideological work on August 21, and taking with the long march spirit comprehension, returning to their respective work,  arming mind with dialectical materialism and historical materialism, consciously assuming for the missions such as lifting up flags,  promoting morale, training the new talents, reviving the culture, showing the image. 

On behalf of Guizhou Normal University, Yin Xi hui congratulated the seminar on its successful completion and thanked our university for the support and trust for the School of Marxism of Guizhou Normal University. She pointed out that in the study and training process, all the students are full of enthusiasm, positive attitude, strict discipline, achieved good results, impressing the teachers and leaders in Guizhou Normal University. She hopes that teachers can put what they have learned into practice and apply the research results to practical work. She also hopes that the two schools can take this opportunity to further enhance friendship, strengthening exchanges and promoting cooperation.

The members of training calss such as Lu Meng xing, ShangShouwei, the members of the Democratic Party study group Hu Shenghong and Yang Yanan, gave the speeches and shared their learning experience seperately. At the ceremony, the students were awarded the certificate of completion of their studies. Graduation ceremony ended with the beautiful chorus of all students Singing for the Motherland, No Communist Party, No New China.