The School of Marxism held the work meeting of the new semester in spring 2018

              Correspondent Wang Li


 In the afternoon of April 2, 2018, vice President Chen Xiangjun, director of personnel Zheng Guoxia and deputy director Yan Fei investigate the development of the Marxist School. Liu wei, the secretary of the General Party Branch, presided over the meeting, and members of the Marxist School attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the General Party Branch secretary, Liu Wei introduced the basic situation of our college and the establishment of marxist college in recent years ,  and compared with the ministry of education standards for the construction of Marxist college in universities (2017), proposed several aspects that need to be improved in the future. She hoped that the university would support our institute to explore mechanism reform, deepening personnel system reform, and giving further support to the college in the construction of scientific research platform, evaluation of scientific research achievements and personnel allocation. Three Superiorities listened to the report carefully, and expressed that they have been very concerned about the construction of the institute and would fully support the construction of the institute in the future. President Chen believes that the institute plays an important role and has made important contributions to the development of the university. The university attaches great importance to the construction of the institute and would give strong support in scientific research and personnel reform. Zheng Guoxia, director of the personnel department, said that the personnel department would fully solve the issues such as post establishment, separation of evaluation and employment, and evaluation of professional titles, fully supporting the construction of the Marxist college by combining the personnel system reform plans proposed by the School’s leaders.

In the end, President Chen answered the ideas about scientific research and personnel reform put forward by staff one by one. Meanwhile, given that the school has entered a new stage of development at present, faced with new tasks and new situations. President Chen hopes that the school would the same speed of development. The members of the leading group of school listened carefully to President Chen's request, and indicated that they should set up the overall situation consciousness, exploring and innovating the school, working hard, and further promoting the construction of Marxist School.