Vice President He Hui gang came to the School of Marxism to give a lecture and supervise for the evaluation work

                                                 Correspondent Yu Li

On January 22, 2018, at 8 am, vice President He Huigang came to our college to give a speech and supervise the college to welcome the evaluation. Comrade Liu Wei, secretary of the general party branch of our college, presided over the meeting, and all teachers of the School of Marxism attended the meeting.

At the meeting, President He made a presentation on the audit and evaluation work from six aspects: the importance of audit and evaluation, key points of school evaluation and construction, connotation of audit and evaluation, key points of school evaluation, expert evaluation methods and procedures, and requirements of audit and evaluation. President He believes that the evaluation is the main means of government supervision of running schools and the most important way to improve quality. The evaluation is the development trend of higher education, social development request, an important measure to examine the level and quality of running a school. The goal of the audit and evaluation is to evaluate the effect of talent training. It aims to promote the diversification of talent training, emphasizing the respect for the autonomy of schools, reflecting the dominant position of schools in the quality of talent training.He emphasized that the guiding principle of audit and evaluation was one Insisting, two Highlights, three strengthening. Namely, adhering to the policy of promoting construction through evaluation, promoting reform through evaluation, promoting management through evaluation, combining evaluation with construction and emphasizing construction; Highlighting connotation construction, highlighting characteristic development; Strengthening the rational orientation of running schools, strengthening the position of talent training center, strengthening the construction of quality assurance system, and constantly improving the quality of talent training.

President He put forward, the audit evaluation work in our school focus on five Degrees: the degree of making school-running orientation and the goal of talent training adapt the national and regional economic and social development needs, the degree of achievement between the effect of talent training and the training goal, the degree of guarantee between teachers and teaching resources, the degree of effectiveness between the teaching and quality assurance system operation, the degree of satisfaction between the students and social units of employ.

Finally,  Headmaster He asked school to study deeply, fully realizing the importance of the review, grasping the scope and focus of audit evaluation, strengthening the sense of anxiety, seeing the gap, raising awareness by understanding the review of the guiding thought and general requirements , so as to carry out the responsibility, strengthening the accountability mechanism, going  all out audit evaluation, to complete the task with good quality.

After listening to the wonderful report of President He, the teachers of our college have expressed that they should set up the overall situation consciousness, taking active actions. They would, fulfill their responsibilities and cooperate closelyaccording to the division of tasks, so as to promote the assessment work of the academy in a down-to-earth and orderly manner. We should closely combine our own work with the evaluation and construction work, focusing on the evaluation and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work, boosting the motivation. With the spirit of hard work, we should do a good job in the evaluation and construction promotion work, striving for excellent results, so as to build a upgraded version of the School of Maxism and promote a new round of sound and rapid development of the university.