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  The Department of Physical Education is responsible for an  undergraduate program of Sports Economy and Management, Public Physical  Education Courses, training high-level sports team, and organizing group  competitions. Under the Department, there are many research institutes  along with administrative and supportive organs namely, the teaching  research offices of sports economy, of body art and traditional sports,  of sports entertainment, of ball games, of group sports and training,  the institute of sports science, a general affairs office and the  stadium management center and etc.

  Among the 36 full-time teachers there are three professors, 17  associate professors and 20 teachers with master’s degrees or above.  Many of these full-time teachers undertake important academic posts  where else in domestic sports academic institutes including College  Physical Education Branch of Chinese Sports Science Society, Sports  Industry Branch of Chinese Sports Science Society, Social Sports  Research Society of Chinese Association of Higher Education, Hubei  Provincial Sports Theory Society, Hubei Provincial Sports Science  Society and etc. In recent years, teachers of the Department supervised  three projects of National Social Science Fund, a project of the  National Educational Science Plan, nine Provincial and Ministerial Level  Teaching Research projects while winning over ten prizes for Provincial  and Ministerial Level Teaching and Research Achievement Award and over  20 prizes of Department Level Excellent Teaching and Research Papers  Award. They have also published more than 50 papers in leading core  academic journals, three academic monographs, and chiefly edited eight  textbooks with three of them winning first prize of the Middle-Youth  Aged Teachers Teaching Contest.

  In 2009, the Department inaugurated the undergraduate program of  Sports Economy and Management and started full enrollment in 2010.

  In 2003, the Department began the club-style teaching reform in  public physical education classes, and received wide support from  students. The Public Physical Education Class has now set up 21 programs  in sports entertainment, basketball, football, volleyball, ping pong,  tennis, badminton, taekwondo, swimming, body-building exercises, sports  dancing, bridge and others. At present, College Physical Education is a  College Excellent Course, and Badminton, along with Basketball were each  selected as College High-quality Course.

(PPT Presentation of the Department of Physical Education)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:  Lan Zili

    Vice Dean: Hao Ying; Wang Yiping

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary:Li Dehong

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  Professors:Lan Zili Hao Ying Yuan Liping

  Associate Professors(Ph.D): Sun Lihai

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