Learn The Spirit of 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games With The World Champion

The student Party branch of the school of sports economics and management carried out the characteristic theme party day activity of learning the spirit of Beijing Winter Olympics Games and condensing the strength of youth struggle. Member of the national synchronized swimming team, runner up of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games and champion of the 17th FINA World Championships, Yin Chengxin, teacher of Wuhan Sports of University was invited to study the speeches delivered by president Xi Jinping oncommendation conference of the Winter Olympic Games &Winter Paralympic  Games with teachers and students.Wang Li, Standing Committee of CPC & Secretary of Committee for Discipline Inspection of HBUE, attended the activity with the head of the organization department of Wuhan Sports University, and the heads of the organization department and the students affairs department , the heads of our school also attended the activity.

Yin Chengxin shared her learning experience of the spirit of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games of taking the overall situation into consideration, being confident and open, facing difficulties, pursuing excellence and creating the future in combination with her experience in participating in a number of major international sports events. She said that ten minutes performance on the stage needs ten years practice off stage, furthermore she has gone through 21 years of sports life in the process of skin puckering, water suffocating and fainting, and skill training strain. In constantly breaking through herself and challenging the unknown, she deeply realized the struggling spirit of Chinese athletes to win glory for the country.Now, as a physical educator, she is actively changing her role, combining competitive practice with education and teaching methods to benefit more students .

Wang Li pointed out that the party day activity was organized in a timely manner, with a distinctive theme, novel form and focused content. It had a strong appeal and was a serious, rigorous, vivid and in-depth party activity. The student party members of the two schools have a profound understanding and pragmatic speech, which reflects the sense of responsibility and mission of the sports people of the two schools. She encouraged the students to deeply understand the earnest instructions of General Secretary Xi, keep the overall situation in mind, find the right position, integrate their personal ideals into the great cause of the country and the nation, and bloom their youth brilliance; We should be more confident and open, face the professional, academic and career, and further enhance and release the professional self-confidence of sports people; We should pursue excellence, constantly improve our comprehensive quality with higher requirements and stricter standards, and show our quality and ability with profound cultural literacy and competition results. She pointed out that sports originates from competition, but it should not stop at competition, but should be higher than competition. To learn the spirit of General Secretary Xi's speech at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and winter Paralympic Games, we should not sit on the sidelines and talk about things, but rise and walk. It is hoped that the two universities will continue to innovate the communication form of Party construction, learn from and encourage each other, and continuously deepen the learning activities through the drive of Party members.

The activity also set up micro party lessons to learn the spirit of the Winter Olympics, offering an chance to touch the Olympic medals closely, talk ing about feelings in combination with sports life, and award winning competition.