Welcome to the School of Arts!


  The School of Arts has over 1541 students with 58 faculty, including 44 full-time teachers of which there are 12 professors and associate professors, 27 with master’s degrees or above, ten more with experience studying abroad.

  Under the School, there are Departments of Advertisement, of Art and Design, and of Animation with four undergraduate programs on visual communication, environmental design, product design and animation. Of those, there are ten major fields, including graphic design, environmental planning and design, interior design, game design and related areas. The School has more than 20 workshops and studios, including a professional studio, design studio, sketching studio, animation post-possessing workshop, photographic studio, hand crafted studio, and over ten centers all over the country for professional internship (and future employment), artistic observation and sketching.

  The School has established cooperative relationships with Universities in England, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, Australia, French, America, Japan and others while hiring over ten experts at home and abroad as visiting professors. In recent years, students in the School won prizes in over 100 national and provincial professional competitions.

     (PPT Presentation of the School of Arts)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:  Chen Yi

    Vice Dean: Wang Lijun; Ye Jingsong; Gu Chen

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary:Xia Xin’an

    Vice Secretary: Wang Lijun

Meet Some of Our Staff

  Professors: Chen Yi Wang Qingli

  Associate Professors: Ye Jingsong Gu Chen Chen Hong Zhang Li Wu Xiyan 

  Zhang Juping 

Contact Us

  Address: Office 402, Arts and Humanities Building, HBUE 430205

  Tel: 86-27-81973844

  Contact Person: Zhu Li