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      The School of Business Administration has grown to 38 faculty members teaching more than 1100 full-time undergraduate students and postgraduates. There are three departments in the School: Business Administration, Marketing and Human Resource Management. The School has set up three majors for undergraduate students: Business Administration, Marketing, and Human Resource Management together with several unique directions such as chain management and enterprise management.

      The School has three Chutian scholars, a Rainbow scholar, 12 professors,14 associate professors, and 24 doctors (including doctorial students) covering 73% of the core teacher team. Professor Bao Shenghuaenjoys the special government allowances of the State Council, Professor Tanhui from University of London and professor Yu Hongyan from Sun Yat-sen University has now been invited to become a specially-appointed professor, lecture professor and primary professor in the“Chutian Scholars Plan”. Professor Zhang Xinguo from Zhongnan University of Economics and Law has been invited as a Rainbow scholar. There are four young experts with outstanding contributions to Hubei Province and academic leaders at the university level, a candidate for Hubei New Century Talents Project (Phase II), ten master supervisors and ten professors respectively holding the posts of vice president, secretary general, deputy secretary general and executive director, in the Institute of Business and Economics of Hubei Province, the Institute of Marketing in Hubei Province, Market Research Association in Chinese Colleges and Universities and the Chinese Institute of Business Management.

      The discipline of Business Administration is now rated as the first-class provincial characteristic subject in 2012, and the enterprise management discipline is the fourth batch of construction subjects for master’s degree. The joint training projects for post-graduate master’s degrees with Hubei University was established in 2010 and was also approved for the“Chutian Scholars Project”in Hubei Province in 2009. The Research Center for Enterprise Culture in Hubei Province was approved as the key research center for humanities and social sciences in Hubei Province in 2012. Marketing became our school’s first brand major for undergraduates in Hubei province’s colleges and universities, and was approved as the national characteristic major construction in 2008 and the comprehensive pilot for the provincial major in 2012. There are two provincial level excellent courses-“Marketing”and“Management”, four excellent courses and six quality courses at university level. The school has won a first prize, two second prizes and a third prize of Teaching Achievement Award at the provincial level. It has three Innovation and Entrepreneurship Projects for College students at provincial level and a college-level teaching team. It was approved together with Zhongbai Group as the“the provincial-level practice bases for colleges and universities in Hubei Province”and“The practical education base for college students”. Meanwhile, it took the lead in launching the talents training mode known as “Cooperation between School and Enterprises” in China, and established cooperation relationships with many renowned companies.

      Its teachers have undertaken more than 60 projects at the national level, as well as the provincial and ministerial levels, among which there are three National Social Science Fund Projects, four Humanities and Social Science Fund Projects of the Ministry of Education and ten Hubei Province Social Fund Projects. More than 30 works and teaching materials have been edited and published. More than 500 papers have been published in domestic and international journals with more than 20 included in EI and more than 30 in ISTP. In all, over 20 various awards were given by the People’s Government of Hubei Province and Wuhan city.

(PPT Presentation of the School of Business Administration)

Management Team

  Executive Leaders

    Dean:  Vacant

    Vice Dean: Chen Xinwu; Chen Yun; Dai Huayong

  Party Affairs Leaders

    Secretary: Wang Hong

    Vice Secretary: Wang Hua

Meet Some of Our Staff

  Professors: Cao Lihe Guo Fengyuan Wang Hong Peng Daiwu Huang Jinhuo

         Chen Xiangjun Bao Shenghua Fu Jiarong Li Weixing Yuan Shengli

         Zhao Wei

  Associate Professors (Ph.D): Chen Yun Dai Huayong Jing Hong Li Yalin Ye Min

         Li Wei Yuan Huiqun Zhang Li Zhou Zhenhong

  Discipline Leaders: Bao Shenghua Chen Xiangjun

  Privileged Experts: Tan Hui Tian Yu Yu Hongyan Deng Shengliang Hong Tao 

  Jiang Shibing Sun Haifa Zhang Huimin Meng Tinuo

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