The final of the 16th Simulated Business Negotiation Contest of our school was successfully concluded

In order to make our students better understand the importance and basic process of business negotiation, expand their business vision, enhance their social adaptability, and cultivate high-quality business talents, our college held the 16th Simulated Business Negotiation Contest final at 14:30 on November 28th in the third and fifth lecture hall of college Student Activity Center. The judges included Cao Lihe, secretary of the Party Committee of the college, Ye Ming, vice president, Director of the Department of Marketing, Huang Zhixuan, Deputy Directors of the department, Zou Yuanyang, Zhou qing, Wu Yuping, Li Xiumei.

The final will be held in two venues. The first and second place competitions will be held in the third lecture Hall, and the third and fourth place competitions will be held in the fifth lecture Hall. After the moderator introduces the members of the jury, the two teams and the topics and background of the negotiation, the final of the simulated business negotiation competition officially begins.

After the two teams introduced themselves briefly, the first part of the final "back-to-back speech" began, and the representatives of the two teams respectively took the stage and presented themselves to the audience and judges by way of speeches. After the first part, enter the formal simulation negotiation stage. The contestants engage in intense negotiations around the topic by means of various strategies and techniques, in order to pursue the maximization of their own interests. The performance of each player in the negotiation reflects their adequate preparation and unique style. After 60 minutes of negotiation, the judges asked questions about the negotiation topic itself, the performance of the negotiation process, the contestants' knowledge and business negotiation knowledge. The knowledge reserve, understanding, adaptability and language organization ability of the contestants are further investigated. After the questions, the jury will discuss the final result of the competition.

At last, Cao Lihe, secretary of the Party Committee of the college, made a final comment, affirming the knowledge reserve and ability of the contestants. He hoped that the students could apply the knowledge learned this time in their future life and improve their comprehensive quality. He also expected more students to show their elegant demeanor in the next simulated business negotiation contest. The host announced the winning team and the best negotiator, and the final result was: First place: YOUMO team; Second place: The Galactic Battle Fleet; Third place: No one can beat the team; Excellent team: Shengjian Sausage noodle team, you can say team, Hu Shang talk team. The best negotiator is Tang Nianhao.