The students of our school won the third prize in the final of the 6th Cross-Strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in the 2020 Wuhan "Golden Silver Lake Cup"

On November 23, the sixth "Golden and Silver Lake Cup" cross-strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition finals was held in Wuhan, sponsored by Wuhan Taiwan-funded Enterprises Association and undertaken by Taiwan Qingke (Wuhan) Mass Innovation Incubation Space Co., Ltd. and Taiwan Wangwang Zhong Media Group. "Belling Media", a project of our school, won the third prize in the final competition after more than three months of selection through the online and offline preliminary roadshows in Wuhan, Shanghai, Chengdu, Dongwan and Xiamen. The team members are: He Shengyu, Zhang Jiarong, Li A-yu, Chen Shan, Hu Ronghua, Liu Zhengze, Qiu Wenqian, Yang Xue, Gui Wenxin, Liu Can, Li Dandan, Liu Qiuyue, Wu Jiahui, Wang Zixin. The instructors are Ye Min, Duan Li Jie, and Wu Yuping.

There will be one venue in Wuhan and one in Taiwan for the final. The 20 teams that made it to the finals are in fields such as Big Health, Modern Agricultural Bank of China Intelligent Manufacturing and Cultural and Creative education. After on-site evaluation by experts, 1 special prize, 2 first prizes, 5 second prizes and 12 third prizes were finally awarded.

Wuhan " Golden Silver Lake Cup " Cross-strait Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition has been successfully held for six times, aiming to build a good platform for resource exchange, cooperation and development. The competition helped young entrepreneurs from both sides of the Taiwan Straits to jointly "pursue dreams, build dreams and realize dreams". It also stimulated the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of college students and promoted the cooperation in talent training between universities and enterprises. At the same time, we will cultivate outstanding talents with innovative thinking, market sensitivity, teamwork ability and effective communication ability for the society.

During the competition, our students combined theoretical knowledge with practice to have a more in-depth study of entrepreneurship. The results of this competition fully reflect the ability of our students to innovate and start businesses. Looking forward to the future, our students will surely live up to expectations and make great achievements!