Teachers and students of our school went to Hubei Huagui Drinks Co., LTD to carry out practical training activities

In order to improve students' marketing practice ability and promote the better combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience, our teachers and students visited Hubei Huagui Drinks Co., Ltd. in Honghu city, Hubei province on December 13, solstice to carry out practice training and marketing quality development training. The activity was led by teacher Huang Zhixuan, director of the Marketing Department of our school. Mei Chuanlong, chairman of Hubei Huagui Beverage Co., LTD., Chen Shaochuan, marketing director, and heads of all departments warmly received us.

The staff led the teachers and students to visit the company's beverage production and processing line. The company's beverage production line is mainly used to produce lotus seed juice, lotus leaf coffee, hawthorn lotus leaf tea and other products, including cleaning, sterilization, charging, blending and other multi-process. The staff introduced the development course of the company: Hubei Huagui Beverage Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hubei Huagui Food Group, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan, covers an area of 186 acres, mainly engaged in the substitute processing business of Honghu Wild lotus juice, Honghu Wild lotus juice and other kinds of canned drinks. The company has cooperated with many famous enterprises, such as Wanglaoji (Guangyao Group), Yangzi Pharmaceutical Group, Hengshun, Junyao Group, etc.

President Mei held a symposium with teachers and students and introduced the company's philosophy: let the world drink healthy drinks. Mei shared his personal growth experience and taught the students to "think" : to dream, to think result-oriented, to practice, to be a man.

Through this visit, the students said that they have broadened their horizon, increased their knowledge and exercised their ability. Through the combination of theory and practice, the cognitive level of students has been improved, which lays a solid foundation for further entering the society in the future. Students will devote themselves into work and study with more enthusiasm.